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Gargoti – The Mineral Museum

As the name says its a museum for flint stones and minerals. Wait… don’t think these are just road side stones. You won’t believe but some of them are more precious than DIAMONDS.

This is a private museum, located 32 kms from Nashik on Nashik-Shirdi highway and houses very precious stones and collections of earth minerals and its artistic (Naturally) pieces. These are collected by Mr. K.C.Pandey – a passionate mineral collector and enthusiast.

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Superb Minerals India Pvt. Ltd.
“Gargoti” The Mineral Museum D-59, MIDC, Malegaon, Sinnar Maharashtra , India -422113
Timing: 09. 00 AM to 08.00 PM
Open: 365 Days
Entry Fee: Rs 60 per person including guide

You can find more information regarding minerals, or their souvenir shop at:

Let’s Start the Journey

Mother earth statue

As soon as you enter you will see the statue of Mother Earth and Sai Baba blessing you.

Take blessings from both and you are set to start the amazing journey. The Gargoti Museum is mainly divided into two galleries:

The Deccan Plateau The Prestige gallery

Most of the specimens are from Zeolite group and founded in Maharashtra. Lets start with Deccan Plateau first.

Starting with Cavansite. A rare mineral exist only in Pune area (Wagholi) across the world.
Cavancite On Stilbite

Cavancite On Stilbite

Do you have any idea how much these pieces cost? It’s in several LAKHS
Cavansite 2

Cavansite 2

Cavansite 2

Cavansite 3


Newly entered masterpiece (waiting for name)


Scolecite found at Kamshet near Pune

Look at those structure, believe it or not but those are NATURAL not man made. Most of these pieces are found inside rocks so its not that much easy to find them. These are mostly found at the time of mining.

Apophyllite with Stilbite

Apophyllite with Stilbite found at Nashik

Fluorite, Calcite on Quartz found at Nashik

Fluorite, Calcite on Quartz found at Nashik

Scolecite - ozar, Nashik and Heulandite on Calcedony - Jalgaon

Scolecite – ozar, Nashik and Heulandite on Calcedony – Jalgaon

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