Radhanagari (Dajipur) Wildlife Sanctuary has been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Radhanagari Forest comes as a part of Western Ghats. Western Ghats is immensely important with unique bio-physical and ecological processes in India. Radhanagari declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1985. It’s surrounded by Radhanagari & Kalammawadi Dams.

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Butterfly garden & Sanctuary

Welcome Hoarding enroute Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

Welcome Hoarding Enroute Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across 351.16 SqKm. and out of which 18 Sq.Kms area is open for tourists as mentioned by our guide. Weather in Radhanagari is pleasant through out the year except monsoon. Due to its surroundings and unique topography, it rains heavily i.e. 4000 – 5000mm average yearly. Therefore you can see various types of flora and fauna here. During summer time, Radhanagari can be considered as a best destination for family & friends. Study tours are also arranged here for various possibilities. Temperature during march through may are really comfortable as compared to rest of the Maharashtra.

Before we turn towards the sanctuary, there is one place where you can have your snacks. Right next to this hoarding past the main road, there is a small tea/snacks stall. You won’t find variety of food options here. You can munch on basic maharastrian snacks like Pohe, Upma, Misal & Omlett.

Misal Bread Snacks

Misal Bread Snacks

You’ll have to carry your snacks/food prior to entering into the sanctuary. Unlike other national parks in India, there is no facility for canteen inside the sanctuary. This is the last point where you can have your snacks & drinking water.

Information Centre and Entry Ticket Booth

Information Centre and Entry Ticket Booth

While buying entry tickets, one can have a look at the Information Centre of Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary. You can find information about flora and fauna found in Radhanagari. You can also find information about various points that you can visit after entering into the sanctuary.

Especially, kids will love this place. There are interesting puzzles and food chain related information explained in easiest manner.

Its the main entry gate called “Thakyaacha Wada”.
RWS Thakyacha wada entry gate and souvenir shop

Thakyacha Wada Entry Gate & Souvenir Shop

This is the main entry gate. There is also a Souvenir Shop with really basic stuff that you can purchase if you want. From this point, our jungle safari starts.

Forest Tent Stay facilities with canteen.

Forest Tent Stay Facilities With Canteen.

Next to the souvenir shop, a tent stay facility with canteen is available. This tent facility is provided by Forest Department and one can experience the thrill by spending a night into this part of the jungle.

RWS Jungle safari as well as Walk

Jungle Safari & Nature Walk

Our guide Rupesh Bombade, took us on a Nature Walk into this really silent jungle. At some places, we thought we made a mistake by opting for a Nature Walk 😀 Its sooo peaceful(feels risky) that you can even hear insects sniffing around small ponds… while walking.

Places like Sambar Kond are so mysterious and with water stream flowing nearby the track, which can be the ideal place to hideout for Leopards or any other carnivores.

Can you see me?

Can you spot me? – (Common Lizard)

Lizard OR Tree Bark?

Lizard OR Tree Bark?


Garden Lizard

I am not a Tree Bark ;) Lizard

I am not a Tree Bark 😉

Radhanagari is a host of various types of reptiles. Including snakes, lizards, geckos and amphibious like fungoid frogs. 33 species of snakes recorded till now out of which Olive Forest Snake and Pied Bellied Shieldtail snakes are prime species.



View from Laxmi Talav point.

View From Laxmi Talao (Laxmi Lake) Point.

There is a watch tower from where you can see the Lakshmi Talao Dam, hence the name. Its amidst the lush green forest and you’ll feel really good at this point. Quite place, birds chirping, gigantic view of sahyadri moutains and cool wind! – what else can you ask for?

View from Kokan Darshan point.

View From Kokan Darshan Point.

As the name says, its a beautiful view of Kokan part of Maharashtra. Spend some time here, drink some water and enjoy the moment!

Radhanagari has a unique habitat for butterflies. More than 135 species of butterflies have been recorded till date. Amongst which Southern Birdwing is the largest butterfly species in India with a wingspan of 190mm. The smallest species is Grass Jewel with wingspan of 15mm.

Sambar Kond - Lots of Butterflies of different kinds

Sambar Kond – Variety of Butteflies

Migration of Butteflies

One unique Natural Phenomena can be seen here during October & November month. Thousands of butterflies like Blue Tiger, Glossy Tiger & Striped Tiger can be seen migrating in this particular season.

Sambar Kond - Butterflies

Sambar Kond – Butterflies

Sambar Kond Butterflies

Sambar Kond Butterflies

We at Sambar Kond

We at Sambar Kond



Different kind of Ant Colony

Different Kind of Ant Colony

Bay Leaf - Cinnamomum Tamala (Tamalpatra)

Bay Leaf – Cinnamomum Tamala (Tamalpatra)

Sawarai Wada - Perfect place where you may sight animals

Sawarai Sada – Perfect place where you may sight animals

Sawarai sada watch tower from British Era

Sawarai Sada Watch Tower from British Era

Waghache Pani Point

Waghache Pani Point

Jungle view from Waghache Pani Point

Jungle View From Waghache Pani Point

Anjani - Magical tree

Anjani – Magical tree

Anjani - Stage 1 Green

Anjani – Stage 1 Green

Anjani - Stage 2 Pink

Anjani – Stage 2 Pink

Anjani - Stage 3 Purple

Anjani – Stage 3 Purple

Travel Guide to Radhanagari:

How to Reach:

Nearby city is Kolhapur.
You can reach to Kolhapur by your preferred means of travel (Air, Train & Road).

  • Kolhapur to Radhanagari Distance: 55 – 60Kms.

Entry Fees:

Prior to entering into Sanctuary, we reach to a ticket counter for entry fees.
Ticket Timing: 07.00 AM to 2.30 PM (Tuesday Closed)

Radhanagari (Dajipur) Wildlife Sanctuary is closed during moonsoon from 1st June to 30th October.

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History of Radhanagari – Part 1

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary was used to be a hunting ground in the past. It was termed as Dajipur Bison Sanctuary when Kolhapur Princely State was merged in Maharashtra State. Dajipur is the oldest sanctuary in Maharashtra. In local sight seeing, we can visit one historic place called “Hatti Mahal (Elephant Palace)” where elephants were kept and trained for war. One unique game of elephants called SaathMaari was organized here in the presence of Shahu Maharaj and other higher authorities.

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